Apr 5, 2016

Cricket cricket…anyone still reading?

Well…where the hell have I been for the past 15 months??
It’s ok, I’m mad at me too…and I owe you an apology if you’ve been checking back for posts that I haven’t been providing.
The truth is, I am finding it all very hard, balancing life as a new mom, health and fitness, a new position (more demanding) at work, and throw in a move this month and you’ve pretty much got yourself the perfect storm of stress and no time for anything else.

So what have I been up to?
Well, I joined a new Bootcamp near my house that hosted a weight loss challenge back in January.  After 6 weeks, I managed to drop 24 pounds, and seemed to find my groove back.  I’m still chugging along with that Bootcamp, and trying to use a more intuitive eating approach rather than counting and measuring everything that goes into my mouth.  I’ve slowed down quite a bit in my losses since the end of the challenge, but I’m another 7 pounds and a few inches down from that point, so I’m still headed in the right direction.

I found it so hard to come post on this blog over the past year or so….I felt like such a failure….like a fraud that couldn’t keep true to her word about making health and fitness a priority in my life. 
I’m done beating myself up over it though – life happens, and I needed that first year to be about my baby.  Now, I’m learning to squeeze some me time into the mix, and for right now, that means I need to leave the comfort of my home to get in a good workout.  The mom guilt is a little too strong still, so if I’m home and hear her crying during my workout, I can’t help but stop and run to her.  Leaving the house takes away that factor, so it’s what’s working for me.  I’m planning on getting back to my home workouts again soon, but I realized this was what I needed to take away the excuses and interruptions.

I have a personal goal this month to get back to my wedding day weight by our 5 year anniversary on April 30th….less than a month away, so I’ll have to work hard at it, but I think it’s doable.  I’ll try to get back to posting here more regularly, since it does help with accountability for me for sure.  Sorry again for the long hiatus, I hope you’re still with me J

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