Feb 24, 2014

21 Day Fix: What I'm eating

So I get a lot of questions about what my meals have looked like while on the 21 day fix.
This meal plan is really quite simple; there are 7 color coded containers, and based on your starting weight, you get a certain number of each color to eat throughout the day.
You don’t have to count your calories or worry about how the colors are paired together, and you don’t have any rules about eating them all at once versus 6 small meals a day, it’s whatever works for you.
Now, that being said, I find that the best way for me to feel satisfied throughout the day is to pair several colors together at once, and to eat every 2-3 hours to keep your metabolism up, but that’s my preference, and what works for me may not work well for someone else.
You can follow me on IG for more pictures, but my meals most days look like this:
Meal 1: Shakeology – Usually chocolate or vanilla mixed with 1 cup cold coffee and ice in a blender.  I do prefer making Shakeology with almond milk, but the 21 day fix limits your intake from beverages with calories, and I’d rather use those calories for wine personally J
I had a Greenberry shake this weekend for a little variety.
Meal 2: Greek Yogurt (plain), fresh fruit, Kashi Go lean cereal (NOT Kashi Go Lean CRUNCH which has waay to much added sugar!)
Meal 3: Protein: (This week it’s grilled chicken, last week it was turkey muffins) Veggies (last week it was salad, but this week it’s green beans).  Last week I paired this with fruit as well (pineapple or apples) but this week I’m going to try adding a little cheese for some healthy fat and saving my fruit for an afternoon snack. (Actually I could still have a fruit here too...)
Meal 4: Hummus with baby carrots, grapes, sometimes I do apples with PB
 Meal 5: This is where it varies the most, but usually I have a protein like grilled chicken or lean ground turkey or beef plus some steamed veggies and a carb, like mashed potatoes, rice, sweet potatoes, etc.
(Seriously, look how much food that is!!!!)
We went out to dinner for the first time while on the Fix last Friday, I'd say it was a success :)
So if I eat that exact meal plan I’m actually missing a serving of fruit, and a carb serving, and a seeds/nuts serving, and a few teaspoons of healthy fats.  I usually make this up with dinner by cooking with a little oil, or by having an extra snack after dinner with some fruit and/or nuts, but honestly a lot of times I just skip them all together because I feel satisfied.  My point is: if you’re eating the RIGHT foods, you won’t be hungry!
There are definitely limitations on this plan, no question.  I’m not eating pizza, or ice cream, or girl scout cookies.  They’re not part of the plan.  I get a treat a few times a week that I usually use on wine or chocolate covered dried fruit (like raisins or pomegranates).
I would be lying if I said I didn’t have a few rough days in the beginning…day 4 in particular was tough for me when TOM showed up and I really wanted to chow down on some salty carbs and chocolate, but I managed to resist, and I feel so much better for it.
My energy levels are way up, I don’t feel bloated or sluggish like I was feeling, and I’m seeing great results already at only 10 days in.
Do I think this is a program I will follow forever? Honestly, not exactly.  I think the portion control containers are AMAZING and really help you keep your serving sizes in check.  I think I will still use them when I’m not with this 21 day plan.  Do I think it’s realistic to never eat pizza or ice cream again? Not for me, no.  But I think there’s ways to modify this program so that you keep those indulgences in check.  My goal is to get to a happy place where I can eat all things in moderation, and know my proper portion sizes without the containers, but also without binging.  I think it’s going to take more than 21 days to get me there, but I do think it’s something I can accomplish.

This is officially the last week that the 21 day fix is on sale (free shipping on the base program, awesome price and free shipping on the challenge pack), so if you are interested in ordering, feel free to shoot me any questions at babebeforebaby@gmail.com

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