Sep 5, 2012

Happy Hump Day

Holy crap it’s Wednesday already!? These holiday weeks throw me off so much, I’m still in a daze from this weekend.  So New Hampshire went as expected…I ate like a fat kid at a buffet, and I’m sure my weight ballooned up to a ridiculous number (I’m holding off on stepping on the scale for this exact reason).  I tried really hard to offset my eating, I even went for a run with my hubby on Saturday morning, but the rest of the weekend was a full indulgence in drinking and eating everything in sight.  One of these days I’ll be able to balance this stuff but right now I just can’t.  On a lighter note, I convinced my cousin to sign up for a 5k with me on October 20th (it's called the "Love your Body 5k", how perfect is that!?) so I’m planning on using that date, along with the training I’ll have to do for it, as a big goal to get me back on the wagon. 
 I’ve also convinced my office to start an exercise challenge that will give me incentive to stick to my guns on getting healthy again!  So that’s it for now, maybe I’ll get a run in tonight in hopes that my weigh in on Friday isn’t as scary as I’m thinking it will be!

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