Sep 24, 2012

Manic Mondays: Weekend Recap

Ok people weekend recap time…Clifnotes version? I ate like a fat kid at a buffet L

Ok maybe it wasn’t THAT bad, but it still wasn’t that good either! It started on Friday night with happy hour festivities.  My plan to eat salad and grilled chicken went right out the window as soon as I had a beer in my hand.  I had chips (which I counted out a serving of onto my plate instead of eating mindlessly right from the bag, thankyouverymuch), I had a homemade soft pretzel that one of my girlfriends made (sooo good, and how could I say no to a home baked pretzel!?), and then I had pizza.  Oh and I had 5 beers! (But, they were Miller 64s, so it really wasn’t too bad calorie wise, just lowered my inhibitions for eating!)  I was pretty proud of myself on a very small level though, because I did track EVERYthing I put in my mouth that night, and while it wasn’t a number to write home about, an 1800 calorie net for the day isn’t the end of the world).


And then came Saturday..and the Sox/Baltimore game.  I did good with my “plan” for the most part, up until the end of the game.  We stopped at DD on the way up…black coffee and an veggie egg white flatbread for me, kept me under 300 calories for breakfast.  Then we stopped at a pizza joint before going into the game: everyone got pizza and a pitcher of beer.  Lame ass me got a salad and a bottle of water (I just had pizza and beer the night before!!)  We got to the game, and I still didn’t drink or eat anything else, but my sister lives in Boston and offered to meet us up for a drink after the game.  She ended up getting to the bar before the game was over (it went to 12 innings with an Orioles win, go O’s!), so I left right after the 11th inning to meet up with her and watch the rest of the game in the bar.  When I got there, she already had a beer waiting for me: Pumpkin Beer with a rim of Cinnamon and Sugar, YUM!!


I’m such a sucker for anything pumpkin this time of year, and she was buying, so who was I to turn down a FREE beer!?  She bought me another beer before the rest of the gang even got there, then we sat for dinner (and another beer!).  I had already done a salad for lunch, so I really wasn’t feeling another one for dinner.  I tried to be healthy by picking a Grilled Chicken Sandwich (but it came with bacon and avocado too!) and instead of regular fries I got sweet potato (I like to pretend those are healthy for me).  All in all, I have no idea how many calories I took in that day, because I stopped tracking after breakfast, which is not good at all.  The only saving grace I had that day was the fact that we parked really far away from Fenway, so we had like a 25 minute walk both ways.  Here's a few more pics from the game for your viewing pleasure:


Sunday wasn’t AS bad, but since I waitress at a breakfast diner, I’m around awesome food all morning that I really shouldn’t eat.  I had a bagel with cream cheese first thing in the morning (7:30 am) which keeps me pretty full until I’m done with my shift at 1pm.  We get free food at the end of our shift, and yesterday they had PUMPKIN PANKCAKES on special (See my previous comment about ANYTHING pumpkin this time of year!)  So I ordered that for breakfast, only ate 1 pancake and brought the rest home to the hubs (yay for self control!).  I did ok the rest of the day, then capped the weekend off with a pint of B&J’s Greek Fro-Yo…another food item I like to tell myself is “healthy” even though a pint of anything is not even close to healthy (But it’s fro-yo!! AND it’s GREEK!  Anyone? No? I digress).

 So there you have it, I fell off the wagon this weekend (well maybe my feet are just dragging off the side a little).  I did still go for a run yesterday (after being on my feet from 8 to 2!) and I continued to track my calories on MFP most of the weekend.  In the past, Friday night would have been A LOT more disastrous, and it would have meant and all on gorge-fest for the next 2 days, along with no exercise since I wouldn't see the point (I had already made the day a waste with eating, why bother!?).  I have to take pride in small victories here, because although I wasn’t perfect, I did exercise some self-control, and was a lot better than I have been on similar weekends in the past.  Now I have to deal with tonight, where we’re going up to The Big E after work…for those of you non-New Englanders out there, this is THE fall fair to go to in this area, and has the best damn food around.  They have things like fried Oreos and Crazy Burgers (um yeah, that’s a bacon cheeseburger with a Krispy Kreme donut for a bun!), so you can see where I’m headed with this one.  I’m going to try to keep in mind something I read recently about dessert…the last bite tastes the same as the first…slow down, split it with someone else, and let them take on most of the calories while you have just a taste.  We’ll see how that goes, but here’s hoping!


How did your weekend go? Any small victories to share?

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