Oct 30, 2012


So I’m struggling this week.

I’m getting really frustrated with my scale after such a huge milestone loss last week, I’m terrified I’ll still see the 2’s tomorrow.  I have been steadily gaining weight since that last weigh-in, for no apparent reason.

First, let’s talk about what I did to get into the 100s and my week of perfection; I ate at home for an entire week straight.  I didn’t order any take out, not even a coffee at Dunkin Donuts.  I stayed within 1200-1250 calories every day, and I worked out 6 out of 7 days that week (I took one day off when I stayed home sick from work).  I managed to get in 2 workouts a day for 3 or 4 of those 6 days.  I was a machine, hell bent on perfection so I could see those 100s.

Now let’s talk about this past week.  I had 3 meals that I didn’t cook myself; Friday night I had subway (6” turkey sub with baked lays), Saturday night I had a wedding, and Sunday night in anticipation of our hurricane we ordered take out and I got a grilled chicken salad with feta cheese, oil and vinegar on the side.  Now, all this being said.  Saturday is literally the only day I went over on my calories.  I was super strict on Wednesday and Thursday last week, and yet Thursday morning I was up 1 pound, and by Friday I was up another (yep, doing your math right, back in the 200s L).  Friday I ate subway for dinner but it was well within my calorie range, and I was only at 1309 for the day (not including workout).  I worked out twice on Wednesday, and got in a workout Thursday and Friday morning.  Saturday morning I went to boot camp (which burns close to 800 calories in the hour long class), and I was very diligent all day leading up to the wedding.  I didn’t behave very well at the wedding (drank too much wine, had a second piece of cake, and had a piece of bread) but in the grand scheme of things it shouldn’t be that bad, right? Wrong, up another pound on Sunday.  I got in another hour long workout on Sunday, and although I ate takeout that night (does grilled chicken and salad really count as takeout people!?!?), again well within my calories for the day.  Monday I spent an hour on the treadmill, and was super strict with my calories, with only 1274 total for the day, not including my workout!

So, someone PLEASE PLEASE tell me what the hell is going on.  I mean, I wasn’t “perfect” last week, but with no days over 1350 plus a workout every single day, I should be seeing the scale move down, not up!! At this point, I’d be thrilled to see 198.8 again tomorrow, because at least then I wouldn’t be in the 2s, but I just don’t think it’s going to happen.  I did realize yesterday that my TOM is due within the next couple of days, and I do always tend to gain and get bloated the week before, but this is the sort of week that would normally make me want to give up.  I’ve been working so effing hard, why should one night out mean a 5 pound gain!? Eff me. 

And now, for your viewing pleasure, a few pics from the wedding (yes, they get blurrier as the night goes on, that’s the wine talking!)
Me pouting because Hubs wouldn't take a picture with me
Yay, he took a picture :)
The infamous cake (it was soo sliver thin I don't think a second piece really counts!?)
Hope you had a good weekend, and here's hoping tomorrow is better than I think it will be!!

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