Jan 4, 2013

Newlywed Game, Steps, and Rewards

First, if you are awesome enough to like me on Facebook,then you saw last night that my husband and I were on the Newlywed Game Show! We taped the show in August (when I was 20 pounds heavier), so of course all I see when I watch myself on TV is “FAT!!” but we did have a good time, and we ended up winning a trip to the Bahamas! I’m so excited now that I can tell everyone (I was sworn to secrecy until the show aired under penalty of law and being sued!), so now I have another motivational reason to look good in a bikini!!

Us right after we taped with Sherri Shepard (host of the Newlywed Game)
Yup my Aunt took a picture of her TV to post on Facebook :)
Second…I did manage to get in my 10k yesterday, how about you!?

And third…there’s a few items that I had on my Christmas list that I didn’t get, but one of my non-fitness related goals in 2013 is to spend less and pay down my (scary high) credit card debt.  That being said, I still think it’s good to reward yourself with a little something now and then, so I’ve decided to tie the items that I really want to weight loss goals, so that I’ll have something to work towards, and feel better about my spending.  Here’s my goal/rewards list:
·        192 (40 pounds lost…because I’ve been soo closeand yet I haven’t been able to get here!): new straw cups for my green smoothies and water (they make me happy J) oh and a cleaner for my straws because green monsters leave some funky stuff behind…like this http://www.strawcleaner.com/

·        Get into the 180s (even 189.8 counts in my book!): A new Flip Belt to replace my armband for running http://www.flipbelt.com/the-flipbelt/
       (side note: this item wasn’t on my original list but my pal Iris posted it on one of the groups I’m in and I fell in love! Oh and Brandi over at Thin After Twins got one too and made me super jealous! J)

·        182 (this is a big deal people…this will mark 50 pounds lost from my start at 232): new running sneakers like these: http://www.zappos.com/saucony-progrid-stabil-cs-2-white-silver-pink?ef_id=UOXYugAACPjzHivy:20130103191506:s

·        Get into the 170s (yes I know I just gave myself a reward for 2 pounds ago, but my lowest adult weight was 189, so being in the170s almost seems unattainable!): new Compression socks for running, like these: http://www.amazon.com/CEP-Womans-Running-Compression-Socks/dp/B003EIKBZY

·        172 (60 pounds lost and…wait for it….HEALTHY BMI!!!): I’m treating myself to a massage for this one!

·        162 (70 pounds lost!): I’m thinking this calls for a new bathing suit (and maybe a few other clothing items!)

·        Get into the 150s (this is my ultimate goal…though I’m not sure it’s attainable!): This needs to be big…and I’m not sure what it will be yet, I have to think on this for a while, so if you have any suggestions I’m all ears!

 What about you, do you have rewards set up for yourself? Let me know what they are, I’d love some ideas!

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