Mar 4, 2013

Cheers to the Freakin’ Weekend

These damn weekends go by WAY to fast, so here’s a quick recap. 

Friday night I left work early to get my emissions testing done, and while I was there, a quick Oil Change on my car.  They only do emissions testing at certain locations in the state, so I ended up going to Firestone since it was a national chain (so I had a certain comfort level with the familiarity) and it was on my way to my sister’s where I was babysitting later that night.  Well…this minor event turned into Firestone telling me that my front tires were worn so bad on the inner ring they could pop at any moment, and that I had a loose/broken ball bearing that literally made my car UNDRIVEABLE.  WHAT!? They basically told me I couldn’t drive my car off the lot, and handed over a $900 estimate to fix the problem.  WHOA.  After a minor panic attack, I called my (awesome) regular mechanic Russ, who proceeded to tell me to get the hell out of there and not pay them a dime more than I had to.  I took my car to Russ first thing on Saturday morning, and I watched while him and another guy inspected my car up on the lift.  Not only was there not $900 worth of repairs necessary for my car, THERE WAS NOTHING WRONG WITH MY CAR AT ALL.  No broken ball bearing.  No bald tires.  Heed this message ladies! Don’t let Firestone screw you out of your hard earned doll hairs!

Anywho, Russ got me out of there quickly enough on Saturday morning for me to make my regular Bootcamp class, which I have to say I rocked this week!   The rest of the day was low key: breakfast out with the hubs, cleaning up the house, quick trip to the grocery store, and then we had our friends over for dinner.  We ended up hanging out/munching on chips/drinking our faces off and never made it out to dinner, so around 9ish we decided to order Chinese food….$60 effing dollars worth of it!! Holy crap!
That's Seltzer with Vodka and a splash of fruit punch in that big ass cup :)
So even though I was good all day on Saturday, that Chinese event on Saturday night set me back like crazy….I can’t believe how hard it is to lose a few pounds and how easy it is to put it back in one night! 

Sunday morning I worked at the Diner as usual (Update: I gave them my notice yesterday, I’m done at the end of March!!), and when I got home around 3, even though I was exhausted and already over my 10k steps for the day, I decided to keep to my schedule and get in my virtual 5k (5 by the Fifth Series).  Not only did I get it done..I KILLED IT!!
Before my run

Steps after my run
33:04 minutes!!
I’ve never run a 5k in this time.  EVER.  I guess all the Insanity/Bootcamp/Interval Runs are making a difference, who’da thunk it!? I’m really freakin’ proud of this, I really never thought I’d break through the 35 minute mark! Maybe hitting that elusive 30 minute mark is within my reach after all! 

This leads me to some exciting/scary/nervewracking news….I’m going to sign up to run a ½ Marathon! June 2nd, 13 weeks from yesterday.  I have a training plan in place, which I’ll post soon, but I’m feeling a million emotions about this one.  Writing it down here makes it real, so there’s no turning back now!

How did your weekend go? Did you have any exciting things happen for you?

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