May 6, 2013


I RAN 10 FREAKING MILES YESTERDAY.  Continuously.  Without stopping.  It’s a miracle!  This is the first time I’ve run double digit mileage EVER.  I’m super proud of this!


I was nursing a sore hip from my run on Friday (which I now know was my IT band) so I was nervous about this run, but I dropped some serious $$ at my local running store on Saturday to invest in a foam roller (IE my new BFF) and some new running sneakers (I was WAY overdue, and since that was supposed to be my 50 pound loss reward, and I was just about there before my Bahamas trip, I bent the rules a bit J )


I rolled the heck out of my IT bands on Saturday, took a long soak in the tub with some healing Epsom salts, and Sunday I woke up feeling pretty good.  My run was pretty good for the most part, but around mile 5 my right foot started to get all pins and needles on me….I’m not quite sure why, but it continued for the remainder of my run. I also tried out some new energy chews before/half way through my run by Stinger, and I have to say I’m a big fan.  Just one chew and my energy levels felt pretty good…and they were tasty too!  I liked them way better than the sports beans, and these are organic and much “cleaner” than any other brand I’ve researched.


 For the most part, my hips felt ok while I was running, it was my feet that felt like they had taken a beating by the end of my 2 hour jaunt.  Could have been the distance, could have been the new shoes…who knows, but I really like my new sneakers and I’m looking forward to a couple of shorter runs this week to see how they feel.

After my run I attempted my first ever ICE BATH.


That sh*t is for the birds.  I HATED EVERY SECOND OF IT….I may have gotten into the tub a little prematurely (it was still filling up) and this may have been the reason I couldn’t handle it for more than a minute…my body wasn’t totally submerged and having the ice cold water creep up and over my legs at a painfully slow rate was not exactly pleasant.  I have to say though…I woke up this morning feeling pretty good muscle-ache wise, so maybe I’ll give it one more try next week with the tub FILLED before I lower myself in!

So my diet….well it hasn’t been that great since I got back from the Bahamas last week.  I’m starting fresh today, back at logging my calories into MFP, back to eating clean and avoiding processed sugars, dairy, and alcohol for a while.  I NEED to get back down to my pre-Bahamas weight so I can start focusing on that new decade again!  I have to do some prepping tonight since I had too busy of a weekend to get it done yesterday, so I’m hoping I’m not too wiped out after work to get it all done!

How was your weekend? Anything you want to brag about??

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