Sep 27, 2013

The other thing

I have to say, I was FLOORED by the response I got from Monday’s post about giving up on clean eating….it turns out, that a lot of you feel the same way, and were very supportive of everything I had to say on the subject, so thank you for putting me at ease….I was really afraid to write that one!

I mentioned that I had come to 2 major conclusions last weekend, and the clean eating thing was one of them, but today’s post will be about the other.

It’s not so much a realization, but an acceptance thing...the same thing happened to me back in May/early June, and I’m not sure why I expected it to be different this time around, but here it is:

My body just doesn’t drop pounds when I’m running long distances. 

Now, granted I haven’t been doing 100% with my diet…but part of that is tied to the fact that I’m always so hungry! Like famished, insatiable hungry.  Like a salad ain’t gonna cut it sista hungry.  Like audible growling from my tummy hungry.  Like I could eat an entire buffet worth of food and still want dessert hungry.

This shit is no joke!

Can’t. Stop. Eating.

It’s really hard to get through the day lately without thinking about food constantly.  I’m trying to chug water, but I’m literally having hunger PAINS it’s so bad! I have to accept that I’m not running for weight loss; I’m running for mileage, and my body needs fuel to have the endurance to make it through over 2 hours of continuous effort.

Last year, on my 30th birthday, I set out to run for 30 minutes straight with no walking.  It was a struggle, but I did it.

Sunday is my 31st birthday, and I'll be running my second half marathon…13.1 miles on my 31stbirthday.   13.1 miles!! It doesn’t matter what the scale says that day, it matters that I’ve come so incredibly far in this past year of my life, and I’m going to celebrate that accomplishment when I finish this race.  And yes, I’m going to eat whatever I want that day, not just because it’s my birthday, but because I’ve been running my arse off and I deserve to have a day where I’m not obsessed about the food I’m eating and the calories it contains.

In the next few weeks, I’ll really focus on getting my eating back on track, but for now, I’ve got a half marathon to run!

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