Oct 4, 2013

Getting Real

It’s officially time to face the music.  September was an awful month, and even though I managed to exercise and run quite a bit, my diet has been awful.  Today things are going to change.

I stepped on the scale this morning, after basically taking  “a week off” from T25 and from dieting in general (although who are we kidding, I took a whole month off).

I was so upset at the number I totally forgot to snap a picture, but trust me when I say it wasn’t pretty.


That’s right.  Up in the 180s again.  Even though it’s that time of month, and I know a few of those pounds are probably attributable to that, I’m so ashamed of that number.  To say I’m upset with myself is an understatement, but I needed to put that number out there to face it.  I didn’t want to admit to you all that I fell so far off the wagon, that I gained so much back in such a short time, but the reality is that if I don’t come clean to you about it, I’ll keep living in denial and shoving my pie hole full of bad food.

My DietBet officially starts today (you can still sign up here if you want to play!), and I’m super motivated to win some money on this one.

My plan is to break it down by week, and set mini-goals for myself.
Next week, on Friday October 11th, I WILL be back in the 170s.  I will lose at least 2 pounds this week. 

I will re-start Beta (the second half of T25) on Monday, I will log EVERYTHING I eat into MFP, every day, and I will aim to stay in my calorie range every day.

My workout schedule is as follows:

Sunday: 5 mile road race
Monday: T25
Tuesday: T25 / 3 mile run
Wednesday: T25 Double Day
Thursday: T25 Double Day
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Hartford Half Marathon
You read that right…I’m signing up for another half marathon next week! I’ve always wanted to run Hartford, but originally thought it would be too close to the Providence run, so decided to hold back on it.  I felt so good on Sunday though that I decided I should just go for it…I’ve already built up my mileage anyways, right?

The biggest change I’m going to make is getting back to my meal planning.  I’m going to make an effort today to plan out all of my meals, snacks, and treats for every day next week, and go shopping tomorrow so I can prep/cook over this weekend.  It’s work that I haven’t had time for in September, but I know in order to be successful, I HAVE to make time, I don’t have a choice.


So that’s my plan and I’m sticking to it; what’s your plan for October?

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