Oct 1, 2013

Lean 4 Halloween

Well hello, October, you sure snuck up on me!

September was crazy busy, and it flew by faster than I would have liked, but now that a new month is here, I think it's time to get focused again.
I really fell off track with my eating in the month of September, and as a fitting end, I forgot to log into MFP yesterday and broke a streak that was over 100 days long.  It's probably for the best though, I wasn't really logging everything I was eating anyways, I was just going through the motions of opening up the app, logging one thing, and forgetting about it for the rest of the day.
I think I'm going to start a new challenge for myself that involves logging everything into MFP daily, and finishing logging for the day, like I did back in June/July.  I really need to get focused again if I'm ever going to lose these last 20 pounds, and my diet is 80% of that.  The other thing I've decided to do is to re-start the beta round of T25.  I've been doing the workouts pretty religiously, only missing one or 2 total, but since my diet has been so horrible, I feel like I really haven't given beta a fighting chance at changing my body.
I realized today that this year, on Halloween, I have a chance to be the fittest I have ever been (so long as I continue on this path).  I haven't bought a real Halloween costume in god knows how long because basically everything sold for adult women is super short and uber revealing, not exactly the kindof thing I was looking for when I was over 50 pounds heavier. 

(why does every adult woman's costume have to start with "sexy"?? Since when was "Sexy Robin" a real thing!?)
But this year might be different....maybe I'll buy a real Halloween costume for once and actually feel confident about the way I look in it (no, I'm not going the ridiculously sexy route, but it'd be nice to know that it's an option, right??) So this is my new challenge: Lean 4 Halloween. 

Join me in a new Dietbet, starting this Friday, and ending on Halloween, where we'll have some incentive to lose 4% of our start weight! I love the motivation these things give me to stay on track, so I hope some of you will join me, and use #lean4halloween on Instagram so I can follow along with your progress this month! Here's the link: http://diet.bt/15H8271

DietBet - Have Fun. Lose Weight. Make Money! from DietBet on Vimeo.

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