Nov 7, 2013

I'm still here

I'm still here, I promise!
If you follow me on Instagram, you may have caught on to the fact that I've been posting about Carb Cycling a lot this week.
I plan on doing a post about this tomorrow, after I've got almost a full week under my belt (I've been doing this since Monday), but I have to say that I'm really loving it so far.  I feel really good today, the scale is moving in the right direction, and my calorie burns have been higher this week than ever before thanks to the kickstart in my metabolism.  In short, I'm thinking this is something I can stick with for a while, especially because it has built in REWARD days!!
In other news, tomorrow is my LAST DAY OF T25! It's like the end of an era! I'll be sure to post my full review of the program sometime soon, as well as my overall results, so stay tuned!

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