Nov 13, 2013

My T25 Results!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I’ll let these pictures speak for themselves.


 Regardless of what the scale says, I’ve lost inches, gained muscle, and lifted my booty with ten weeks of T25!

This program really is fairly easy to follow…don’t get me wrong, the workouts are intense, but since they’re only 25 minutes long, it’s hard to find a valid excuse not to just get it done. I have my favorite workouts within the program for sure, but there’s enough variety with all of the different DVDs that you never really get sick of any of them. Now that I’m done with the program, I’m still doing the workouts because they’re so short I can squeeze them in no matter what my schedule is.

Are my results not enough to convince you? Take a look at some of my other challenge group ladies' progress pics!

(This awesome transformation above is my pal Kelly who has a little baby boy at home, and found the time to make her health a priority! She has an awesomely inspiring Instagram account called "Naptimefitness", go follow her if you don't already!!)


I have to say that I’m really happy with all of these results, and so proud of my challengers who finished the program, but I’ve been blown away with my own personal progress in just these past 2 weeks now that I’ve added carb cycling into the mix. 

 So that being said, I’ve decided to do a prototype challenge group starting December 2nd, where’ll I’ll combine T25, Carb Cycling, and Shakeology to get some serious results…didn’t you ask Santa for a better body for Christmas this year????

Seriously though this group is going to be awesome, but I’m limiting it to only 5 people because I really want everyone to get focused attention from me and not slip through the cracks, so this is for people who are really committed to wanting to see a change!  I’ll personally guide you through Carb Cycling, and make sure you stay on track with daily accountability through a private Facebook group.
If you’re interested in learning more, leave your email in the comments or email me at!

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