Feb 13, 2014

Snow day and plans

Snow day!

I'm working from home today (which as you might imagine is a bit hard...there's too many distractions here!)
I'm doing my best to be productive, but in the meantime, I wanted to tell you about my plans for the next few weeks.
If you follow me on IG, you know that my 21 Day Fix program arrived in the mail earlier this week.  I've been doing a lot of research, reading the book cover to cover, going on message boards, watching live chats, calling in to Q and A sessions, all to make sure I've got this program figured out! (It's not that complicated, but you know me...I need to do my research!!)  I want to make sure I really give it a fair shake and don't half a$$ anything during the 21 day program, because I really want to see some serious results...I know a few coaches that were part of the test group last fall, and their results were killer!

I went grocery shopping last night, so I think I've got the food I need to get me started, and I'll be doing some prep work this weekend to keep me going through the work week.  All that being said, I'll most likely be starting the program on Saturday, when I'm home for the day and can make sure I have the portion control containers and my kitchen at my disposal for the first few days while I get the hang of things.  I don't think this program is complicated at all, but it's a change from what I'm used to, so I want to make sure I'm leaving myself some leeway so I'm not stuck and work with not enough food or snacks that I shouldn't be eating!
I'm really excited to share my 21 day journey with you; I'm going to be very honest, as I always have been with my experiences, so hopefully you'll get a real look at what this program is all about!

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