Jun 11, 2014


There's no sugar coating this post, it's going to be as real as it gets.
I lost a friend last weekend...he passed Friday after a long battle with cancer, and frankly, I'm devastated.

He was too young.  He had such an amazing family.  He was a talented architect.  He was so many things, and he was taken from us too soon.  I'm writing this as I'm preparing to head off to his funeral, and while I know that this is going to be so very difficult for me, I can't bear the thought of what his wife and children are experiencing right now.  I was blessed to have had the opportunity to know him as a friend and co-worker, and my life is so much better for it.

Dan taught me to live every day to it's fullest.  Even when he was at his sickest, he made every effort to make good memories with his family.  They went on an "ice cream tour" for the kids spring break after having to cancel their planned vacation because he was too sick...I loved seeing his smiling face eating ice cream every day of the week at a different spot.  He knew how to make the most of any situation, and to not take things too seriously.  I hope that I can live half the life he has.  

He was a good man.  

He will be missed.

We love you Dan. 

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