Jul 28, 2014

This sh*t is hard

Quickie post today since I'm traveling for work (I'm in Austin, Texas as I type!) I've never been to Texas before but unfortunately they've got my schedule so jam packed I won't really have a chance to see anything but the resort I'm staying at and the airport :(

Anyways, I just wanted to state, for the record, that this stuff is hard.  This health and fitness stuff.  This making the best choices as much as possible stuff.  I really thought that by the time I got pregnant, I'd have this routine DOWN.  And to some extent I do, but throw in extreme fatigue, an aversion to grilled chicken, and cravings for all things bread, and well...my diet has not exactly been stellar.  I know I need to snap myself out of this funk, and fast, or I'll quickly be heading down the exact road I was trying to avoid, which is an unhealthy pregnancy and too much weight gain.  My body is starting to feel better this week, so I'm going to attempt to be more active; I brought PiYo to workout in the hotel with (hello, no equipment or sneakers!), and although I don't have control over my food while I"m at this conference since all the meals are provided, I am going to make a much bigger effort when I get home, not just for my sake, but for the health of my whole family.  

So, as soon as I can get my butt back home and to a grocery story, I'm getting back to the 21 day fix way of eating.  No, I'm not trying to lose weight (I will adjust my calories accordingly), but I know that this program is designed as a lifestyle change and truly shows you the RIGHT way to fuel your body..and I can't think of a better way to get back on track for the rest of this pregnancy.
So, if you want to join me and learn how to eat better, shoot me an email at babebeforebaby@gmail.com...I have to shift gears to becoming a babe DURING baby now :)

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