Aug 12, 2014

Vacation and Pregnancy Weight gain

Helloooo! Sorry for my long absence, I was on vacation last week!
We didn’t go away, except for a camping trip last weekend, but we did lots of day trips across the state, which included a TON of walking and hiking, so I’m proud to say I didn’t gain a single pound this week (this is pretty much a miracle for me when it comes to vacation!!)!
That being said….pregnancy weight gain is no joke.  I’m trying not to freak out about it, but I’d be lying if I said the scale number isn’t tear inducing these days.  I worked so hard to lose all that weight, and it seems to be coming back WAY to quickly (it doesn’t help that all I wanted to eat was bagels my first trimester!).
So this week I’m back following the 21 day fix, not for weight loss, but to just have a healthy, balanced diet for me and my little growing peanut.  I’m officially starting to show more these days (although I’m pretty sure I just look fat to people who don’t know I’m pregnant), but that seems to be changing as each day passes.
I love that the 21 day fix is a LIFESTYLE.  I eat fruits, veggies, protein, and even though I’m not scarfing down bagels like I want to, I know it’s the best diet I can be eating for our health right now.  I want to keep my overall weight gain in check, so if I can go a few weeks more without gaining I’d be one happy mamma!
Any mammas' out there have advice on pregnancy weight gain? I know everyone is different, so I'm trying not to compare, but I always love to hear other's experiences!

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