Aug 17, 2012


So it's Friday: one of the hardest days of the week for me for weight loss. Between bagels for breakfast from my co-workers, to "beer o'clock" at 4, it's a day full of temptations and high calorie treats. Today was no exception, and because I've been running around like a mad woman at work, I've given in to the bagels since I had no other options available. I know I should plan better but this shit sneaks up on you sometimes, and I'm only human, right? I have to find a balance between calories in and calories out so I can still enjoy the foods I love, which has always been a huge struggle for me.  I have a problem with the all or nothing concept…I’ve already wrecked my diet with a bagel, so why not keep going!?  Chocolate chip cookies? Maybe just one…Happy hour beer? Oh I guess it can’t hurt.  By the time dinner rolls around I’ve gone way overboard, and what’s the sense in wasting a healthy dinner on a day like today right? I know what bullshit all of this is, it’s silly really to think that one cookie sabotages a whole day’s worth of dieting, but it’s ingrained in my head, and that’s a habit that’s just hard to shake, period.  So let me ask: how do you get over the “one cookie won’t kill me” hurdle? Any advice?

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