Oct 15, 2012

Manic Mondays

It’s Monday, and it’s sort of rainy and gross, and I have this cold that I’ve been fighting off for a week, so needless to say today could have started off really badly.  To top it all off, I woke up with some serious hip pain this morning (I’ll get to that later), and didn’t feel like it was the smart thing to do to get up and run. So what did I do? I asked my hubs if he’d like to go for a long walk with me instead, and he obliged.  I got in a 40 min brisk walk before work, and I feel better for doing that, so I’ll call that a victory.

Friday night I had to babysit my niece for a few hours (side note, CUTEST. BABY. EVER….not my kid so I won’t plaster her pictures all over the internet but she’s so adorable I could eat her up!) before going to the in-laws for a family party.  We had to grab dinner on the way up to my sister’s house, and I only had a few minutes.  Instead of choosing something bad (read: McDonalds), I made my husband go to Subway.  I got myself a 6” turkey breast sandwich on wheat with baked chips and a diet coke, and I skipped the cookies so I stayed within my calories.  Not great for my sodium intake, but still a reason to celebrate small changes.

At the in-laws, we got there just in time for dessert…a giant, delicious looking Tiramisu cake, homemade by his aunt (they’re Italian).  This shit looked delicious, as in, what’s everyone else having for dessert because I’m eating that whole damn thing myself delicious.  I stared at it while everyone chatted and made coffee, and thought to myself, if I say “I can’t”, I’ll be force fed this cake.  So I took another angle, which I read recently in an article, and when I was offered a piece I said, “No thank you, I don’t WANT any”.  Amazing what a simple change in vocabulary can do.  No one gave me a hard time, no one really even noticed.  Another reason to celebrate if I do say so myself!

Saturday was good for the most part; there was a huge marathon in town, so my regular bootcamp class got canceled; I wanted to still get in a good hour long workout, so I did my advanced turbo jam dvd (cardio Kickboxing).  48 minutes later, and I’m still sore today.  Eff.  When will I stop being sore!?  Saturday night was a bit of a fail...  My hubs came home from tailgating all day, I had just gotten home from target and realized I had nothing in the house to cook.  He offered to buy me dinner, and I let him order us pizza.  I had 4 slices (the new England, square style slices, but still).

Sunday I was determined to get back on track.  Had a healthy breakfast before my shift at the diner, skipped my free meal since I knew it would be loaded with grease, and waited until I came home to have a sandwich for lunch.  Right after that, I started chatting with some (AWESOME) friends, and the subject of Onederland came up, and how freakin close I am now.  I got pretty motivated and decided at that moment that today was the day I was going to go out and run the full 5K distance of 3.1 without walking.  Guess what… I did it!

I felt pretty awesome that I managed to go the whole time, but about 2 miles in my hip started giving me some trouble.  I went to bed last night really sore, and woke up this morning feeling even worse.  I’m hoping that taking it easy today will help, because I really REALLY want to run again tomorrow to make sure my number on Wednesday reflects my hard work this week!

I’ve been holding back from signing up for that 5K I mentioned previously, which is this coming Saturday; partly because my cousin backed out on me, and partly because I was honestly afraid I’d fail and not make it.  I proved myself wrong yesterday, so I’m going to sign up today.  I deserve this, and I have to push myself to do these things or I will never change. 

Sorry for the long post today, I just wanted to give my journey a little credit here.  I’m not perfect by any means, but I am making lifestyle changes here, and my everyday choices are turning into healthier ones.  I’m so happy I decided to start blogging about this…looking back at my first month or so I was going crazy on the weekends, and now I realized after one cheat meal it’s time to get back on the wagon.  Baby steps will turn into something big for me,  I can just feel it.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, my Monday Morning outfit (sorry again for blurry camera phone image, I'm always running late in the mornings!):

Take that Monday!

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