Nov 19, 2012

Confessions of a Fat Girl....She's still in there

She’s still in there.  She’s been deprived, and she wants out like nobody’s business.  And boy did she come out yesterday.  Yup, I had a total fat girl day…I’m talking breakfast with bacon, eggs and homefries, and dinner that may or may not have involved almost an entire medium pizza from Dominos with bacon and pineapple.  Jeez.  She has no self-control. 

 So let’s focus on the positive here shall we?  Old me would have laid on the couch all day yesterday and wallowed in the fact that I’m never going to NOT be fat.  New me went for a 5 mile walk with my husband, even though it was like 30 degrees outside.  Old me would have thrown my hands up in the air and said, well eff it, I blew my diet today, might as well stop trying until after Thanksgiving is out of the way (and the after Thanksgiving festivities) so I can start fresh next week.  New me got up and ran for 30 minutes this morning before work, packed a healthy lunch and snacks for the day, and is planning on eating grilled chicken for dinner.  That fat girl is still in there.  And she’s fighting until her last dying breath.  But I will defeat her.  I will keep going, because these changes I’m making are not a diet, they are not short term, they are not “until I get skinny”.  They are forever.  And she will go away completely one day.  But for now, I have to deal with her, then GTFOI and move on.

On a happier note, today marked the end of my fitness competition at work.  It ended in a 3 way tie (including me!), but that’s still $50 for me to spend on something nice for myself (I did just treat myself to almost that exact amount at Old Navy last week though so I might call it a wash!)

 How was your weekend!? Hope you did better than me!

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