Nov 20, 2012

What's Important

Remember how I posted last week about my sore right achilles tendon? Well it's still a little sore (not crazy sore, but a tiny bit).  Worse yet, I went to bootcamp on Saturday morning while it was still sore, and must have unknowingly started favoring my left side because of the injury. My left ankle is now REALLY sore; I'm talking I can't flex my foot down or do circles with my left foot.  I went for a run yesterday hoping to loosen it up a bit, but this morning it still hurt a whole lot.  I decided to skip my run today.  If I feel better tonight, I may do some turbo fire, but I'm not going to push myself. The scale still shows me up a ridiculous amount of weight this morning from my fat girl Sunday binge, and even though tomorrow's weigh-in is important to me, running this race on Thanksgiving is more important to me.  And if it means tomorrow I still show a gain because I didn't exercise today, than so be it.  What's important is that I am strong enough and healthy enough to run this race.  The number on the scale is just that, a number, and I'll get past it. 

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