Nov 5, 2012

Monday again?

These weekends go by too damn fast.  It's Monday already, and I'm feeling exhausted and sore today.  I really pushed myself this past weekend now that I have my fitbit up and running (I got it on Wednesday night, so addicting!).  I've made it a goal to hit at least 10k steps each day, and so far I've managed to do that, plus some.  Friday I ran in the morning and got in a 3 mile walk after dinner.  Saturday I went to bootcamp and cleaned my house like a mad woman, and Sunday I walked about 7500 steps at the diner before coming home and doing 3.1 miles outside.  Phew.  I'm exhuasted just writing that, no wonder I'm tired today! 

I've been doing well with my eating too; went out to dinner on Friday night but I ordered a salad with grilled chicken, didn't eat the bread that came with it, and stayed well within my calories for the day.  Ate home for every other meal this week, and haven't had a lick of alcohol (PS I could REALLY use a glass of wine right now! Oh, it's only 9am? Well it's noon somewhere, right!?)  The scale isn't moving, but it's my TOM right now, so I'm hoping that goes away by Wednesday and takes a few pounds with it!

And just for ha has, here's my Monday outfit (corporate power suit on today, going to a ribbon cutting ceremony for the Oncology Suite I designed). 

Happy Monday!

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