Dec 7, 2012

Self-sabotage and Pinterest

Whelp my diet has sucked for the past 2 days and I paid for it on the scale this morning….back up 1.2 pounds.  I do this to myself all the freaking time.  I get to a low, “reward” myself with a treat (like a BAG of peanut m&ms), and push myself backwards.  Last night I had my husband’s work Christmas party, and although I didn’t do as bad as I could have, I did eat mozzarella sticks and fried pickles, mostly because I was so freakin’ hungry and the giant salad I ate first just wasn’t cutting it.  I have my BFF Xmas party tomorrow night where I will undoubtedly drink too much wine and then stuff my face with pizza.  I’m going to try to go way up on my activity levels this weekend to counteract some of this bad eating…. I can’t afford to gain weight this week with my Punta Cana trip in less than a week!  I have to get out of the 190s, I’m so sick of seeing this number already, and I really want to put some major distance between those 200s.  Hopefully I can stay motivated this weekend long enough to stop my self-sabotage!

PS, unrelated, but I’m on Pinterest now! Follow me by clicking that big ol’ button on the right of my blog ;)


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