Jan 3, 2013

Getting back up

Falling down is easy.  It's the getting up...the getting back to your routine, back to healthy, that's so hard.  I guess if it were easy than everyone would be doing it, but I'd be lying if I said that yesterday wasn't a struggle. 

It was my first day back to work after the holiday madness, my first day back to my old "routine" of healthy eating and getting in a workout before going into work for the day.  And it sucked.  I felt like I was starving all day.  I drank 100+ ounces of water.  I had a green monster for breakfast.  I tracked all my calories through MFP.  I restarted C25K yesterday morning (to help improve my speed and build up my endurance on the treadmill).  And when I came home from work, I did day 3 of Insanity like I promised you all I would.  Then I ate.  And ate.  And then I ate some more.  By the time I was done with Insanity (my second workout of the day), I was famished, and my husband was working late so I still had a few hours before dinner.  So I had a string cheese.  Then I had some pop chips.  Then I had some tostitos (and then some more).  I definetly let my hunger get out of control yesterday to the point where I just wanted to eat everything in sight.  I had a yummy dinner after all of that, a homemade taco/rice bowl, but at 445 calories, it put me right at my max calories for the day because of all my snacking. 

I maintained my weight this morning from yesterday, so while I didn't do any damage, I'm not making and progress either.  The end of the day has always been my downfall, so I'll have to work harder at that today.  I got up and did Insanity before work today but my step count is pretty low, so I may have to go for a long walk on the treadmill after dinner tonight.  I posted on Facebook yesterday that I'm challenging myself to reach 10k steps a day for the next week; want to join me? 

I know I'm not perfect yet but I'm making little changes, and those changes will add up eventually!  Don't forget to like me on FB and to vote for your favorite blog today :) (Buttons on the sidebar on the right!).

Have a great day!

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