Jun 20, 2013

Wedding Day Link up with Holly and Mel!

Today I’m joining the fun and linking up with Holly and Melanie to talk about the happiest day of my life: our Wedding day!


I’ll spare you the entire backstory of our wedding and try to give you the cliff notes version….my husband proposed on Christmas day, 2009.  We were thrilled when my mom informed me she had a bunch of $ set aside to help give us the wedding of our dreams, and quickly fell in love with our dream venue , a penthouse ballroom in downtown Hartford, ready willing and able to put down the deposit for an October 16th, 2010 wedding.  Flash forward a month, and shit hits the fan.  My parents are getting a divorce.  My sisters and I have to have an intervention with our mother, who I’m pretty sure experienced a mental breakdown and am still convinced to this day would have ended things if we didn’t get the police involved that awful, awful night in her hotel room.  My mother was subsequently diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder…which pretty much means she’s a master of manipulation and lying.  Come to find out, that money she promised us didn’t exist.  We couldn’t afford that wedding we thought we were going to have…not even half of it! All while this is going on, my health is deteriorating rapidly.  I dropped about 20 pounds over the course of 2 months (but not from diet and exercise)….I was ultimately diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, after months of testing, ER trips, and doctors visits.  This was not our year.

So, on a whim, I entered a deserving couple wedding contest that a local florist was hosting…come to find out, we WON! It was amazing….incredible…words can’t even describe how grateful I am that these people gave us the wedding of our dreams! So far above and beyond what we could have imagined for our special day.  I spent lots of time putting in personal touches, designing the graphics that were carried seamlessly throughout our ceremony and reception.  It was everything we wanted and more, and I will be forever grateful for these people that showed us such generosity on our special day.  So now, without further ado…the details!

April 30, 2011 (a Saturday)

Location—Ceremony at a beautiful Chapel at Wesleyan University (we wrote our own vows, used a JP, kept the ceremony to about 25 minutes with 2 readings from friends).  I walked down the aisle to “Just Breathe” by Pearl Jam, hubby’s favorite band J

Reception followed at the beautiful Sarah Porter Memorial, a stand-alone gorgeous piece of architecture in Farmington, CT, near the historic Ms. Porter’s School.  Cocktail hour was outdoors.


Bridal Party—My 2 sisters and my best friend (all my MOH, I wasn’t going to pick!).  He had his cousin as his best man, and 3 closest friends as groomsman.


Colors-- My bridesmaids wore purple dresses that they each chose their own style (I just told them I wanted them to be knee length and purple, they got to pick the rest).  The groomsman wore suits with charcoal grey vests and fun argyle purple socks.  My flowers were purple, the girls’ flowers were white.


First Dance—“You are the Best Thing” by Ray LaMontagne.  I LOVE this song, and I still get a little teary if I catch it by chance on a random radio station (not a popular song, so I don’t hear it very often).  No one ever tells you how awkward it is to dance for 3 straight minutes with everyone watching though!

(The image above is by far my favorite from the whole wedding...I have it framed on my desk at work :)

Honeymoon—Aruba! By far, my favorite vacation, EVER.  We spend the day Sunday relaxing with family and left for the honeymoon Monday morning (I was happy to have a day to relax before traveling!).  We loved Aruba so much we got suckered into a timeshare at our resort J

What Would I Change?—This is a tough one…I honestly have no regrets about my wedding day.  I think it went off without a hitch…except for maybe the fact that our amazing wedding planner had 2 dinners packed up for us (knowing we probably wouldn’t eat much that night!), and grabbed all of our late-night favors that were leftover (munchkins with chocolate milk) and brought them back to our hotel for us….but we had no idea they were even there!! We had a full size fridge in our room too….and all that amazing food went to waste because we didn’t know to stick it in the fridge over night!  Oh well I guess, of all the things to be disappointed with, that’s so minor its almost not worth mentioning!

There you have it, hope you enjoyed!

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