Jun 17, 2013

This is why you're fat...

This is how my life goes: kick some major booty Monday through Friday.  Weigh in Friday morning.  Get really excited about weight loss.  Reward myself with bad food.  Continue bad food reward system throughout the day, throughout the next day, and the day after that (it IS the weekend after all, right?). (What?? You don’t do that? I did go to Bootcamp on Saturday morning..so I worked some of it off, right???  I digress…)

I need to break this cycle.

I need to get off the 5 pound tango train, like NOW.  I need to get away from food as a reward.  I want to see a lower number on the scale this week, not the same one (or god forbid a higher one!)

I downloaded a book for my Kindle app yesterday called “This is why you’re fat (and how to get thin forever)” by Jackie Warner (I've been thinking about downloading this for a long time now) and so far I’m really liking it…it’s very much about the principals of clean eating, but there’s more science behind it too since she talks about the hormones that make us fat and skinny, and how to fix a hormone imbalance that  has been caused by years of bad eating.

I’m still reading it, so I’m not really into the meat of the book yet, but I’ll be sure to give you my full review when I’m done.  She mentions the idea of 2 “cheat meals” on the weekend…I can totally get on board with that! 

I’m also feeling like I need to set weekly goals for myself…if I visualize a number on the scale, it’s something to work towards, rather than just wanting to see it go down.  Last week I told myself I was going to see 183 on the scale, all week, and low and behold, I saw it on Friday.  This week, I’d really, REALLY love to see 181 on the scale.  I will push myself to work hard and log my calories to make that number a reality!



What are your goals for the week?

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