Jul 10, 2013

Shakeology One week Review and an August Challenge group

As most of you know by now, I started using Shakeology about a week ago (last Saturday).

I’ve tried 2 flavors: Chocolate, and Vanilla.
I did like the chocolate, but felt that the flavor was almost TOO chocolatey…like when you made chocolate milk as a kid with way to much syrup in it?  Tasty, but I couldn’t see myself doing that every day.

I tried the vanilla next, and I have to say, I’m LOVING it.  The taste by itself is pretty good…sweet like a vanilla milkshake, with a small aftertaste like you might get if you threw a handful of spinach into your smoothie.

The past few days I’ve been using the “Vanilla Latte” recipe in the morning: 1 cup cold coffee (I brewed the night before and left in the fridge), ½ cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk, 1 scoop vanilla Shakeology, and a handful of ice cubes.  I’m telling you, this stuff is TASTY! It was like a Frappuccino from Starbucks, but WAY better for you! (And absolutely no aftertaste with this recipe!)  The original recipe calls for honey, but I tried it without and found I didn’t really need it (but I like my coffee without sugar so you might feel different).  I can see myself drinking this every freakin’ day.  Seriously.  It feels like I’m cheating it’s so good!

Let’s talk about what this stuff is doing for me.  At first, to be honest…I wasn’t sure it was doing much.  I will say that Saturday I didn’t find the need/urge to grab a cup of coffee in the morning, but I ate like garbage that day as part of my holi-weekend binge, and Sunday was much of the same.  I have to say though…by Tuesday I was changing my tune.  My digestion has improved 100%...as in, I haven’t taken my daily dose of Metamucil since I started, and things are A.O.K. in that department ;)

I also have to say I was SHOCKED at how fast it got me back on track after my weekend binge-fest.  I’m ashamed to say that Monday morning when I stepped on the scale, I was up a ridiculous amount…187 to be exact.  I had Shakeology and ate well on Monday, and by Tuesday I was back down to 183 (I know, water weight, but still…this is the fastest I’ve ever rebounded from vacation gain).  As for this morning, I’m back down to 181…not too shabby considering how high I was on Monday, and I’m hoping to be back in the 170s come my weigh-in on Friday!!

So..the short version is I’m really liking this product.  My digestion is better.  My energy is up.  My weight is down, even if it is just water weight.  I felt AWESOME at Bootcamp this morning, and despite the high heat and humidity, I CRUSHED it, burning 685 calories in the hour long class (this is higher than normal, I usually do around 630-650).

So I’m going to stick with using Shakeology.  I’m excited to see what changes it brings after another week, or after a full month of use. Last month, I did pretty well with my #fitbythe4th challenge, and I know a lot of you did great too.  I find I do better with a specific goal or challenge in mind, so with that being said, I’m starting a new Challenge, and I’d love for you to join me!

Starting August 5th, I’ll be hosting a private challenge group on FB (meaning you have to be invited to gain access, and only those in the group can see what you post; it won’t show up in anyone else’s news feeds if you “like”, post, or comment on someone else’s posts.) The best part is, you’ll get private 1-on-1 support, motivation, recipe ideas and more!

The challenge group will use Beachbody’s newest workout: T25 Focus along with Shakeology to help achieve your health and fitness goals.

If you haven’t heard about T25, it’s by the same guy that does Insanity (Shaun T), so think Insanity style workout, but in only 25 minutes a day, and for only 5 days a week (YUP, you get 2 rest days!).  The Shakeology part is certainly optional, but I’m going to do both to see if I can get faster result. 

If you’re interested in joining me, please leave a comment below or email me at babebeforebaby@gmail.com for more info! This is your chance to get some serious results with an intimate support team at your disposal! I’m only taking on a few people in order to keep the group more intimate, so be sure to contact me asap!

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