Aug 28, 2013

Eat Clean Challenge Day 3 Update

It’s Day 3 of my #Eatcleanchallenge and I have to say, I’m feelin’ fine!

Seriously, I’m always so amazed when I get back to being strict about my clean eating how quickly my body reacts.

I’m sleeping better, I have more energy, and I feel like I can keep up with my daily workouts instead of just go through the motions.

I’m feeling leaner, but I’ll wait until my “Staturday” update to weigh-in and measure officially (but I can tell you my pants are way too big on me today!)

My meals have been pretty boring with a lot of repetativeness this week, but I’m ok with that..I need structure Monday through Friday, so I have no issue having the same thing every day during the week.  This is what my meals have looked like:

Meal 1: Shakeology (today I did the Vanilla latte recipe, but yesterday and the day before I used mixed berries, a half a banana, and water for a change)

Meal 2: 1 hardboiled egg, ½ cup of strawberries

Meal 3: 1 Turkey Muffin (google Jamie Eason Turkey Muffin for recipe), ½ cup pineapple, garden salad with a splash of balsamic vinegar

Meal 4: Larabar, and if I need it, a cup of decaf coffee

Meal 5: This is where my variety comes into play (Dinner).  So far, we’ve done Turkey Muffins with a sweet potato and mixed veggies, baked chicken with brown rice, and tonight I’ll do leftover baked chicken from last night with whole wheat penne and veggies, all tossed with a few spices and a little EVOO.

Meal 6: If I need it..this is an extra snack to get me through the after dinner “I NEED DESSERT” issue. I had celery with natural PB Monday night, and a Shakeology shake last night.

Today will be a little bit of a challenge because I have a work lunch meeting, so I will have to be strong at the restaurant!
I'm really looking forward to my weigh I this week, I think I'm finally going to see some scale movement!!

How's it going for you? Leave a comment and let me know!

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