Aug 11, 2013

Summer Vacation Photo Dump

I'm baaackkk!
Sorry for the lack of posting last week, but I was on vacation and didn't want to spend any time in front of a computer!
I had a blast this past week, even though we didn't really do anything too extravagant.
We went to an amusement park, went tubing down a local river, and saw the Conjuring the first few days.
Waiting in line for the biggest roller coaster in the park!

I love eating breakfast out...Belgium waffle and fresh strawberries!

On Wednesday, we headed up to New Hampshire, where my family has a small house right on a small lake...perfect for a (free) and relaxing long weekend, especially because there's not much to do with no cell phone or internet service!

So...seeing as how this is a health and fitness blog...I have to admit that my eating was not exactly healthy this week.. I drank too much alcohol, I ate too much crap, and I've had a headache for 2 straight days as a result.

Yeah I may have drank that whole bottle myself....

S'mores anyone??

Sweaty Betty beer seemed appropriate...

No this Margarita wasn't skinny...but it WAS delicious!

What? You don't make your Sangaria in a Coffee pitcher??
So I could sit here and beat myself up about how badly I misbehaved...or I could focus on the fact that for the first time EVER I worked out each and every day of my vacation.  This alone is a huge victory for me.  I have to admit that I didn't get any running in because we did a lot of hiking, but knowing that I only had a 25 minute workout to get through with T25 made it a lot easier to push play every morning (even if I was slightly hungover!)  So I'm going to focus on the positives from this week, and be happy that I had a great time spending some quality time with my husband.  I have some work to do this week to get my diet back in check, but I know what I need to do to fix it, so I'm not too worried. 
My goals this week are to be ON POINT with my diet..  Counting calories every day, no going over my daily limit, and no eating back exercise calories.  I will focus on my water intake too, since I know I'm retaining a bit after this week of indulgence! 
So what's your plan to get back on track tomorrow??

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