Oct 29, 2013

Something BIG happened last night!!

I had a post all planned and written for today, but that all went out the window when I decided on a whim to stop at the mall last night on my way home from my Dream Taste event (which was a lot of fun by the way, but that’s another post).

So the BIG thing that happened to me was that I went into New York and Co. because they were having a crazy sale…and I started off by picking up some jeans since I wrecked the one pair I had left last Friday painting for Habitat for Humanity.

I picked up a 10 to try on…and just out of curiosity, I picked up an 8.

I grabbed a few other things and headed to the dressing room, and decided to try on the 10s first.

They fit..almost too loosely though.  I began to wonder if those 8s I had were actually going to fit.  So I said the heck with it and pulled them on…and to my shock and amazement, they FIT! LIKE A GLOVE!

I’M A SIZE 8 PEOPLE!!!!!! This, by far, is the biggest NSV I've ever had...I almost cried in the dressing room.  I don't think you understand...I've NEVER been a single digit pants size.  I never even thought it would be possible, even at my smallest! I am very pear shaped (aka, bottom heavy), so I just always assumed that even when I got to a lower weight I'd still have double digits for pants sizes.  When I was 16 and "modeling", I was wearing a juniors size 11, which put me solidly in the "plus size" category even though I felt pretty average sized back then.

I realized all the stuff I pulled to try on was a bit too big (that's crazy!!), so I went back and grabbed all Mediums and size 8s, and I was shocked when they all fit well.  I actually even grabbed a pair of 6’s to try on…just to see how close I was.  I got them on, buttoned and all, but I had quite the muffin top with them so I’m not really ready to declare that I’m there yet, but I bet 10 more pounds gets me there!

I swear, T25 has changed my body shape!! I’m not seeing crazy movement on the scale, but it’s shrinking my hips and thighs like I never thought possible!  I’m wearing this dress today in a size MEDIUM:

Here’s a few other shots of my grabs from last night, I hope you enjoy as much as I have!!! J

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