Dec 11, 2013

New Year's Resolution

What would you say to your best friend if they told you they felt guilty for indulging in their favorite holiday meal last weekend? Or if they told you they had one too many glasses of wine while they were enjoying time with friends they rarely see?  Or if they told you they missed a few workouts because they stayed up too late at a holiday party the night before?

You wouldn’t call them fat and tell them that they better be perfect today or else, would you? 
You would tell them to go easy on themselves, right? 
You would tell them, one day at a time, wouldn’t you? 

So why don’t we do the same when it comes to ourselves? Why are we so cruel and wicked when we have a slip-up, or decide to just let the night turn into what it will without obsessing over every little thing we put in our mouths?  Why do we beat ourselves up when we aren’t perfect and the scale goes up a few numbers?  Why do we hold such unrealistic expectations for ourselves through one of the most trying times of the year?  Why do we have such an all or nothing attitude when it comes to our own journey, when we’re the first to tell others that it’s ok to fall?


I’m human, and I’ve been falling down a lot lately.  The draw of time with family and friends that I rarely get to spend quality time with is too strong, and while I make good choices some of the time, a lot of my food choices lately have been poor ones, and the scale is showing it. 

Every day I wake up with resolve to make the next day better.  Sometimes I succeed.  Sometimes I fail.  It seems lately that my MO has been to do great during the day and then throw it all away at dinner.

But there it is again…

”Throw it all away”….Throw what all away? Did my bad decision at dinner really throw away all the good decisions I made during the day? Absolutely not! Would you tell your friend that had pizza for dinner that her Greek yogurt for breakfast didn’t matter? NO! You would applaud her for doing good 2/3rds of the day and tell her tomorrow is a new day, right?

So with that being said, I already know what my resolution for this coming new year will be, and it’s very different than any resolution I’ve had in my life.  Up until now, my resolutions have always involved weight loss, in some way, shape or form. 

This year is different. 

This year is going to be about learning to love myself, to treat myself the same way I would my best friend.
To stop fat shaming and comparing myself to others.
To stop picking apart my flaws and start focusing in on the things I DO like. 

This year my resolution is simple: Give yourself some Grace.


We all have bad days.  That doesn’t undo the good ones, it just adds character to your journey. 

So what the scale went up? You’ve seen it go down by almost 60 pounds, give yourself some grace! So what you had a glass (or bottle) of wine? You’ve avoided alcohol for months to reach your goals!  So what you’re not at your “goal” weight? You’ve run 3 half marathons! So what you’ve got bumpy thighs? You’re a size 8 for the first time in your life!!

So what I’m not perfect? You probably wouldn’t read this blog if I was, right?
You are so much more than that bad food choice you just made.  You're so much more than that skipped work out that you can't stop thinking about.
I hope this post helps you realize that it’s ok to stumble on this journey.  It’s ok to fall down.  The important thing is that you focus on the positives.  Appreciate what your body has done for you.  Be thankful you have the strength to make it through a tough workout class or run a 5k.  Give yourself some Grace.  You’ll thank yourself for it someday.

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