Dec 9, 2013

Motivation Monday: Back on track

This morning was a humbling experience.

I basically took the last 2 weeks off from my healthy lifestyle, and only got in one day of exercise since Thanksgiving.

Boy did I feel that this morning when I got back to T25; I was amazed at how much harder the workout felt!  It wasn’t just the workout though…for the past week I’ve been feeling bloated, tired, lethargic, and just down right crappy.  It’s amazing what unhealthy food and no exercise does to your body, even for just a short time!

I weighed in this morning, and it wasn’t pretty…I took a picture but I’m keep that to myself for now, and I’ll let you know how I’m doing at the end of the week when I’m hoping that I magically drop 8 pounds of water weight (what!? Isn’t that normal!?!)

I spent the majority of last week with my beautiful nieces and made some pretty awesome memories with them, so I don’t regret that at all, but I certainly could have made better choices with my eating, and I do regret snacking on all their candy and teddy grahams all week!

So, this week I will be back on point with carb cycling and T25; I’m going to be honest here though…I’ve been doing T25 on and off since July and I’m thinking I might need a change soon.

I LOVE the 25 minute workouts, and it’s definitely what keeps me pushing play, but Beachbody is releasing a new P90X3 TOMORROW that is a 30 minute workout series!

I’m really tempted to try this, especially since the challenge pack is on sale through the end of this month....and I've always been so impressed with the P90X results, but honestly the time commitment kept me away.  Now that Tony Horton has this 30 minute series, I'm thinking I might be ready to try it....

So I want to know…if I had a new P90X3 support and accountability group that started with the new year, would you join me?? Comment below or shoot me an email at!


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