Apr 14, 2014

Sodium is the DEVIL

Good morning and Happy Monday!
So it's time for a little confessional….I was not exactly “on point” with my eating last week.
I traveled 2 separate days for work, making my pre-prepared meals useless since I was on the road.
I also was a bit more social this past weekend, which is something I certainly “suffer” from when the weather gets nicer like it did these past few days.
Let’s start with Friday: one of my closest friends and co-workers announced she was leaving the company.  We decided to go out for drinks after work to celebrate her new chapter (an mourn our losing her). 
I had wine. 
I had popcorn.
I had nachos.
And I don’t regret it, not even a little bit.
Because I wasn’t going to sit there and sip on water for 3 hours after work and starve myself (no, there were no other options by the way, it’s a bar, there’s no such thing as a finger food salad unfortunately).  I tried to be conscious of my portion sizes, but I was enjoying my friend’s company, and we won’t be able to do this together in just a few short weeks so I’m not going to tell her I can’t go have a drink right now because I’m trying to do the 21 day fix perfectly.

Then we move to Saturday.  And a special sleepover with my niece, who doesn’t get to do this very often.
I was totally 100% on point all day, and we went to Panera for dinner, so I ate a salad that was well within the guidelines of the eating plan (I did have some dressing though, I’m a rebel!), and then we stopped for some frozen yogurt to have while we watched “Frozen” together before bed.  Could I have skipped the frozen yogurt? Sure.  But I decided instead to just be conscious of my portion sizes and enjoy the time I was spending with my niece instead of fretting about what I was putting into my mouth.

Now comes Sunday, and we took my niece out to breakfast; I stuck to the plan and got a spinach and feta egg white omelet, cooked in pam, with one slice of dry wheat toast that I added a little Peanut Butter to, and skipped the homefries.

 Sunday’s weather was downright gorgeous, and we went downtown for the HUGE parade the state was throwing for the Huskies after both the Men and the Women’s team won the championships. 

What else do you do in warm, sunny weather but be outside with a nice cold beer?
So yes, I had a Coors light (just 1!) and after being on our feet ALL day and walking through the whole city, we stopped for dinner.
That meal was probably my biggest “cheat” because frankly I was starving and a salad just wasn’t going to cut it.  I chose a turkey wrap with avocado and mozzarella (no mayo), which wasn’t bad, but for my side I chose the sweet potato fries which in hindsight I probably shouldn’t have gotten (possibly my only real “regret” this past weekend).

I tracked everything I ate, stayed WELL within my calorie ranges each day, and was active with my workouts and other activity each day.
And you know what? The scale is up a ridiculous amount today.  The moral of the story? SODIUM IS THE DEVIL.

There’s a reason that eating at home is more beneficial to weight loss, and it’s not just the calorie and portion control, it’s that you can control the amount of sodium intake too.

I’m obviously bloated this morning, it’s my TOM this week, and I’m a little cranky at the scale number, but I’m not going to let it stop me from making this week awesome.  I will NOT let a little sodium ruin my day, and I WILL see a lower number on the scale in just a few days after the sodium levels in my body even out, so I’m not going to stress.  I’m going to keep on forging ahead, because life happens, and imperfection is ok, so long as you don’t let it derail you from your journey.

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