Apr 18, 2014

Easter Challenge

So I was thinking: Easter is coming up on Sunday, and while I know that you can’t possibly out-exercise a bad diet, I thought I’d challenge you to keep your Easter Candy indulgences in check by making you WORK for every piece of candy you have! I’m not saying you can’t indulge, but you might pay for it in burpees!  So…here’s the challenge:

For every (1) piece of candy you eat, there is an associated exercise “penalty”.  I’ll be running this challenge on Instagram, so use hashtag #easterchallenge and tag @babebeforebaby so I can see how much candy you ate and how many exercises you had to do!

(1)    Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg (or PB cup) = 15 burpees
(1)    Peep= 5 push-ups
(1)    Chocolate egg (regardless of the filling)= 5 jumping jacks
(1)    Mini Bag of M & Ms (or a small handful)= 5 squats
(1)    Mini Bag of Jelly Beans (or a small handful)= 10 crunches
(1)    Hollow Milk Chocolate bunny = 10 front lunges, each leg
(1)    Misc: Any candy that’s not listed above: 30 seconds of wall sits for each piece

At the end of the day, holidays and special events that are focused on food will always be there, so you can’t always avoid those situations.  Find a  way to incorporate them into a healthy lifestyle and you’ll always come out stronger on the other side! Who’s ready to take on this challenge???

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