Jul 15, 2014

Small Changes

This past week has been so much more consistent for me in the exercise category; I've managed to get a workout in most days of the week both last week and now into this week too.  I’m trying to just switch up my routine a bit to keep from getting too bored, so last week I took a step class at the gym, and yesterday I threw in a run for old time’s sake.
I’m still doing PiYo, but in the summer time I like to get outside too, so when my husband offers to go for a long walk instead of being cooped up in the basement, I happily agree J Either way, I don’t think it matters too much WHAT I’m doing, so long as I’m doing something!  

But that brings me to part 2 – nutrition.  I haven’t been so good with this one.  To be honest, I’ve let a lot of my old habits sneak back in, and I have to put a stop to that! One of the biggest changes I made when I got serious about my health and fitness was to stop accepting free food at work.  I even came up with a saying to stop me…”Free food is FAT food!”
Seriously.  My office celebrates a birthday just about every other day, and because we have a peanut allergy in the office, it’s ALWAYS an ice cream cake.  I used to skip this unless it was my own personal birthday but I’ve been lax about this rule (who doesn’t love ice cream in the summer!?).  Not to mention the countless sales reps that come in on an almost daily basis with things like cookies, brownies, bagels…need I say more? So this is an effort I’m going to make this week – remember that small changes add up to big changes, so simply cutting out the mindless snacking on free treats at the office will go a long way for me, and pairing that with my renewed commitment to daily exercise from last week will mean even more progress.

So, small changes this week and last, in anticipation of re-starting the 21 day fix next Monday.  I need a reminder of portion sizes and what foods are the RIGHT foods to be eating, so it’s time to get back to a program so I’m not just eating whatever gets put in front of me.

If you’re interested in joining me, today is the LAST day I’m accepting new challengers for my accountability group starting Monday 7/21, so email me ASAP if you want in! babebeforebaby@gmail.com

After my first 2 rounds of the fix, I got down to my lowest weight EVER, and I’d love to get back there again, so it’s time to buckle down.  

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