Jan 29, 2013

Dear Mr. A.....EFF YOU

Do you follow me on Instagram yet? Well head on over and follow me @babebeforebaby so you can keep up with the ridiculous drama I posted last night. 

Some cowardly mother effer decided to post a nasty comment about me being full of crap and that I'll be fat forever.  EFF YOU Mr. Anonymous.  You don't even have the courage to post under a real name? Your hatred just drives me more.  You might have pushed me down, but I'm going to get right back up.  And yes, I may be fat right now, but you know what? I can fix fat.  You can't fix ugly, and that's exactly what you are.  Your nasty, ugly comments lead me to believe that that's the kind of person you are, and I'm not going to waste a single second more talking about you.

Thank you to all my positive, inspiring readers that have given me lots of love over the past few days.  I decided to listen to my heart and change up my insanity schedule to incorporate running every other day. 

I know some of you disagreed, and while I appreciate your input, ultimately I have to do what I think is going to work best for me.  Thanks so much for all your advice, I appreciate you more than you'll know!

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