Jan 28, 2013

What would you do?

Busy weekend, lots to talk about….

Saturday I decided to skip Insanity for the day and go back to Bootcamp; the exercises we do at BC are pretty similar to the ones Shaun T does in Insanity, so I figured it was an equal trade.  While I was there, I saw that they were starting a new weight loss competition, called “Mission: SLIMpossible” (The BC studio is called Mission Fitness FYI).  I usually do good with competition involved, it drives me more than doing things on my own, so l paid my $20 and weighed in.  The competition goes for 8 weeks, and the top 3 highest percentage losers win 3 months of unlimited classes (that’s HUGE!) I have to focus now!
So this leads me to my next revelation this weekend.  Sunday morning I woke up SORE.  I’m talkin’ could barely squat to pee sore.  Hurts to walk up stairs sore.  Don’t want to shrug my shoulders sore.  GOOD Sore.  I worked out HARD sore.

And I did work out hard.  I wore my HR monitor and found I burned over 600 calories, almost 200 more than I usually do with Shaun T.

 And it got me thinking.  I love Bootcamp.  (Well, I love to hate Bootcamp anyways).  And, well… I hate Insanity.  There I said it.  I HATE INSANITY.  Not in the I love to hate it kind of way.  I just plain hate it.  I know it’s not supposed to be easy.  I get that.  But I need variety.  I need human interaction.  I need to know that even though I know the individual exercises, I don’t know what’s coming next.  I’ve been going to Bootcamp on and off for 3 years now, and I have yet to attend a class that was the same as any of the others.  And I love that about it; the variety keeps me coming back.  I know what to expect with Shaun T.  And I’m dreading getting up in the morning to see him.  I’m not looking forward to my workouts.  I’m not even feeling good about them when I’m done; I haven’t pushed myself to feel as sore as I am now, 2 days after Bootcamp, because I don’t like Insanity.  I’m doing the workout, I’m going through the motions, and my HR Monitor tells me I’m burning between 4 and 500 calories per workout.  But I don’t like it.  And I don’t see myself continuing this after the 63 days are over.

I stated before I listed my “goals” for 2013 that I wanted to make lifestyle changes, not resolutions that would be so hard that I would give up on them a few days or weeks into it.  I also stated that one of my goals was to finish a round of Insanity.  That leaves me torn.  I know I made a goal to finish a round of Insanity.  I also know this is a program that I will likely never do again, which completely goes against my lifestyle changes goal.  I thought about this a lot yesterday.  Why am I doing Insanity? Because I had hopes it would help me lose serious weight.  Because I wanted to get stronger, more toned muscles.  Because I made a commitment to do it.

Right now, the only reason I’m still doing it is that last one.  I’m pretty sure there’s not enough straight cardio to help me drop pounds the way running was.  And I’m getting toned muscles, but there’s a lot of fat still over those toned muscles, and I’m just not going to see the definition I want right now without more fat loss from straight cardio.  I think I’ve come to a good solution for this, but I’m curious what you think.  I’m half way through Insanity right now, on week 5 of 9.  I’m considering modifying the remainder of the program as follows:

Continue with Insanity for 3 days a week, instead of 6, so that I can add more variety and running back into my routine.

Monday: Insanity
Tuesday: Run
Wednesday: Insanity
Thursday: Run
Friday: Insanity
Saturday: Bootcamp and/or Run
Sunday: Rest

That’s still 6 days a week of exercise.  I reserve the right to take an additional rest day as needed, because sometimes 6 days a week is just too much, but I think it’s a good goal to aim for.  What do you think? Am I giving up to easily? What would you do?

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