Jan 15, 2013

Feelin Good

I woke up feeling pretty good today.  I made it through a tough Insanity work out without feeling like I spent more time lying on the ground than working out, and when I pulled out my clothes for work, my “staple” black pants that I’ve worn forever were super baggy around my thighs, something that I’ve never experienced before.  All of my weight goes right to my thighs, so buying pants is usually an impossible feat…if they fit my waist,they’re skin tight on my thighs, and if they fit my thighs, they gap at the waist.  Today, they were loose all around, and even though the waist part has been big for a while (they’re size14s), I really felt like my thighs were getting smaller when I put them on today!  I got to work with lots of energy(and thank god, it’s been a busy day!), but it got me thinking…what did I do different? And then it hit me.  Yesterday I made a real effort to focus on my eating. I logged all of my 1400 calories into MFP (I ate back 200 exercise calories), and ate almost 100% clean/unprocessed foods all day (with the exception of a bag of pop chips last night after dinner!).  I also decided to try and hit my 10k steps while watching TV instead of lounging on the couch….and I’m sure that helped too, but I really think that my diet had a ton to do with it.  Enough so that I want to do it again today…sowhen lunch rolled around and we had a rep bring in catered food with yummy artisan sandwiches, potato chips, and cookies, I didn’t think “I can’t havethat”…I thought…”I don’t want that!”  I’mgoing to try to keep my meals as clean as possible this week (within reason),  not because I’m on a diet but because I like the way I feel when I eat like this.  I feel healthy.  I feel fit. I feel energized.  And all of this is enough to convince me to keep going. 

PS. I finally caved and got an Instagram account….follow me! @babebeforebaby

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