Jan 14, 2013

Taylor the Bitch

I hate my scale.  There I said it.  She’s really mean to me, and she’s totally going in the wrong direction.  Pounds are not like money, Taylor, I don’t want more, I want LESS.  UGH. (Yes, I call my scale Taylor (that's the manufacturer name).  I bought her because the online reviews tell me she's the most accurate home scale on the market for the money (she's a cheap scale).  That bitch taunts me every morning when I weigh in, and I've tried like hell to find a way to trick her but she's too smart for that.  As my good friend Marcee (who owns the same scale) told me over the weekend, "Taylor should have an audio feature that gets triggered after the 3rd consecutive time you step on the scale that yells at you 'Bitch stop wasting my time'".  I digress.

Well if you follow me on Facebook you know that I tried out the Dr. Oz 3 day detox diet…and failed miserably.   I had only intended on doing it one day (Saturday), but the morning drink was god-awful, the lunch drink was downright nauseating, and when I got to "afternoon snack" and it said "repeat your favorite drink" I threw in the towel.  The thought of drinking either one of those 2 glasses of awfulness made me want to vomit right there.  So what did I get for a half day detox? A few more pounds. (WHAT!?!!)  I think a lot of it has to do with water weight, as I really suck at drinking enough water on the weekends, so I'm going to chug water like a mo-fo today to see if it helps.  But in all honesty, I'm feeling pretty despondent about the scale recently...it feels like whenever I make progress, I erase it the next week.  I've got the exercise thing down with Insanity, so now I really, really need to focus on my eating and logging my calories.  I start every day off with great intentions in MFP and get lazy about tracking by the end of it.  Today I'm vowing to log every single thing I eat and to stay within my calories.  I have to get my eating in check or I'll never see those 180s, and Brandi just announced that Flipbelt is offering a 20% discount code for her followers that didn't win the giveaway she hosted (this goes very well with my saving money goal!!) That coupon code is only good until Feb 10th, so I need to get my ass in gear if I'm gonna be in the 180s by then!
How'd your weekend go? (Hopefully better than mine!)

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