Jan 10, 2013

Insanity Woes

I’m getting back to my old routine, so I got up early to get my Insanity for the day in before work. I’m 3 days behind “schedule” right now, so I’m hoping to get 2 workouts in on Saturday and one in on Sunday (which is a planned rest day) to get myself closer to where I’m supposed to be. Hopefully I’ll make up that remaining workout sometime next week, but ultimately 1 workout won’t make or break me and my progress.

So, I bet you’re wondering how it’s going.  Honestly? It sucks.  I’m sure if you follow any program for 60 days straight you’ll see serious results, but this is where I have failed in the past.  I like variety.  I want to run.  I want to go to bootcamp.  I want to do a turbo jam or turbo fire workout.  I want to go for a walk with my husband.  I like getting in different forms of exercise, and with Insanity, there’s a strict program you’re supposed to follow for 63 days, with 6 days of Insanity and 1 day of rest every week for 9 weeks straight.  I know I could do 2 workouts a day to get some of this other stuff in, but I don’t want to work out twice a day, and Insanity is so intense that sometimes I physically can’t imagine doing a second workout.  I’m going to finish this round (because I told y’all I would!) but I honestly don’t see myself committing to something like this ever again.  I may use a workout or two here and there to shake things up, but I’m getting tired of hearing Shawn T’s voice and I’m only a week in!  Have you ever done a program like this before? Did you attempt to pull in different workouts or vary from the schedule at all?

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