Jan 8, 2013

Now what?

I’m back at work today, and feeling much better might I add, though I’m still feeling like I have zero energy and that I could sleep for the next 5 days straight….but my stomach isn’t an issue anymore so I’ll take it!

I ended up skipping Insanity yesterday and Sunday, so I’m technically 2 days behind schedule right now.  After much debate, I’ve decided to pick up with today’s workout, and if I’m feeling more energetic this weekend I may try to get in 2 workouts on one of those days to make up for it (but in the end, 2 days isn’t going to change my outcome that drastically so I’ve come to peace with that).  I am going to try to get a workout in tonight, and I might have to take more breaks than normal but at least I’m doing it!

Nothing like a good stomach flu to snap you out of bad eating habits, right? But now what? I didn’t eat much over the last 48 hours, but being on the road for work all day today has meant I’ve had fast food for breakfast and lunch.  My minor victory is that I didn’t get diet coke with lunch, just water, and calorie-wise a veggie egg white flatbread from DD and a 6” turkey on wheat from Subway aren’t sinking my ship, so hopefully a sensible dinner will keep my weight down for my weigh-in tomorrow. 

And one last thing before I leave you for the day….remember my Rewards list from the other day? And that awesome flipbelt that I really want? Well Brandi is hosting a giveaway for one this week, so get your butt over there and enter, then when you win send it to me because you love me so much and think I'm that awesome (just kidding obviously! J) Seriously though, go enter and tell Brandi I sent you!!  Oh and if you wouldn't mind, please vote for my blog for Best Health Blog 2012 by clicking on the link on the top of my right sidebar over there! Thanks friends!!


  1. I love your blog!I have a techie question for you. I saw you have a button for 13 in 2013... I am doing that too, but for the life of me cant figure out buttons on here!?! I tried copying her button links to my page, but when I preview it just shows the words, no button. I would appreciate any help! :)


    1. Thanks Melissa! Brandi helped me with this problem, but I think it may have to do with the way that the quotation marks copy in? Try deleting and then retyping all of the " marks and see if that works? If not, Brandi at www.thinaftertwins is your gal, she's way better at this stuff than me!!


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