Feb 13, 2013

Let the Games Begin!

This morning marks the start of the DietBet game...which in my head I'm calling the hunger games since I'll be hungry for the next 4 weeks :) (Just kidding)

Last week wasn't good diet wise...that damn blizzard really threw me off! Being snowed in for 2 days means a lot of comfort food, a lot of alcohol, and alot of laying on the couch, but I did shovel for about 4 hours total, over 2' of snow, so I burned some of it off! If you follow me on instagram (What? You don't follow me yet? @babebeforebaby), then you'll know I also splurged on a Shamrock Shake Monday night because I'm giving up ice cream for lent, and I had to get my Shammie Shake in before that happened (it's only once a year people!) So what does that mean for me on the scale this morning?

Down only 0.6 pounds.  Not surprised. I will do better with my diet this week: I have to, this game is on! I have to stop making excuses since my social life will always get in the way...dinner out with my sister and nieces tonight, Valentines Day tomorrow, Date night Friday, dinner&drinks with friends Saturday, breakfast diner food Sundays....I will always have plans. I must learn to make better decisions! So here's to a better diet week, and before I go, here's a quick clip of that squat move I posted about yesterday (I apologize for my huffing and puffing, I had just gotten off the treadmill and was still out of breath from my run!)

May the scales be ever in your favor!!

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