Feb 12, 2013

Tone Em' Up Tuesday Link Up

It's time for Tone Em' Up Tuesdays! I'll be linking up with Brandi every week to talk about what I'm doing to help my Short Shorts Initiative.  Link up with us and share your fitness posts! How are you gettting ready for summer? Do you have a goal outfit you want to wear? Share your stories with us! Copy and paste the code above to add the button to your posts as well.
 Before I get into this week's killer leg move, I wanted to remind you that it's not too late to sign up for the DietBet that I started! The pot is already over $400!! Talk about motivation people! Follow this link, $20 to join and it starts tomorrow: http://bit.ly/YZoag3

So did you try last week's Sumo Crab Walk? I've been doing at least one rep of 20 every day this week, and I am sore every day from it!  This week's move is meant to add on, so keep on with the crab walk, and add this new move to your routine!

Toe Squat with Overhead Reach
Traniner Tip: When you press your knees firmly together, imagine you're holding something precious between them: your favorite picture.  Your wedding ring.  A bar of chocolate :)

Do it:
  • Come into a chair pose: stand with your feet together, abs engaged, inner knees and ankles touching, hips lowered to a half-squat, and raise a dumbell (or medicine ball, or do this withoout weights and just raise your hands) over your head.
  • Now come up onto the balls of your feet and keep your lower legs controlled as you lower and lift your butt, about 4 inches.
  • Take your time and keep yourself steady as you lift and lower, between 8 and 12 times

I tried this move this morning and WHOA. After 10 reps my thighs were BURNING.  This is going to be a good one, I'll try to post a video clip tomorrow!

What are you doing to reach your goals this summer? Link up with me and Brandi every Tuesday and share your story too! (You must be a follower of both Babe Before Baby and Thin After Twins to participate!) Be sure to link the actual post, not your whole blog, so we can all get inspired!

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