Feb 19, 2013

Tone Em' Up Tuesday Link Up

It's time for Tone Em' Up Tuesdays! I'll be linking up with Brandi every week to talk about what I'm doing to help my Short Shorts Initiative.  Link up with us and share your fitness posts! How are you gettting ready for summer? Do you have a goal outfit you want to wear? Share your stories with us! Copy and paste the code above to add the button to your posts as well.

How's it going ladies?  So far, we've got 2 great thigh-toning exercises for our routine: the Sumo Crab Walk and the Toe Squat with Overhead Reach.
This week, I'm adding a great exercise to work the front of your thigh, as well as your butt!  I did this move in bootcamp on Saturday and my legs are still sore!!
Split Squat with elevated leg
Traniner Tip: This is an up/down movement, not a forward movement, so protect your knees and make sure your front knee does not go past your toe!

Do it
  • Stand with back facing a chair, bench, step, etc (about 2 feet away), hands on hips, and bend left leg behind you to place top of foot on chair seat.
  • Squat, lowering your hips towards the ground as you bend your right leg 90 degrees with knee over ankle; the goal is to get your thigh parallel to the ground.
  • Take your time and keep yourself steady as you lift and lower, between 15 and 20 times

Don't like doing regular "counted" reps? Burn it out for 30 seconds on each leg!  Here's a sample routine using the moves we've got so far:
Split squat 30 seconds right leg, 30 seconds left leg
Sumo Crab Walk 30 seconds
Toe Squat 30 seconds

Repeat this group 2 to 3 times, and see how many reps you can get in during those 30 seconds!

I hope you're enjoying these moves I've go so far.  Any comments? Questions? Leave me some love in the comments and let me know how you're liking this series so far.  Also, keep in mind that the toning we're doing is not going to matter much if your diet isn't there.  My diet has been MUCH better this week, but I did over-indulge on some chocolate last night (oops!).  I've decided to bribe myself into better eating habits to help with this issue I've been having....so I'll give myself $5 for every day that I log EVERYTHING I eat into MFP, and that I stay within my alloted calories.
(Won't this jar look way better with some moolah in it!?)

After 20 days, I'll have $100...sounds like a shopping trip to me!! Maybe I'll be able to get myself some size tens this time :)

What are you doing to reach your goals this summer? Link up with me and Brandi every Tuesday and share your story too! (You must be a follower of both Babe Before Baby and Thin After Twins to participate!) Be sure to link the actual post, not your whole blog, so we can all get inspired!

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