Feb 5, 2013

Tone Em' Up Tuesday Link Up!

It's time for Tone Em' Up Tuesdays! I mentioned last week I'll be linking up with Brandi every week to talk about what I'm doing to help my Short Shorts Initiative.  Link up with us and share your fitness posts! How are you gettting ready for summer? Do you have a goal outfit you want to wear? Share your stories with us! Copy and paste the code above to add the button to your posts as well.
First let's talk motivation...because I don't think you're ready fo' this jelly

Can we say AHHMAYYZING!? This girl's got awesome legs, and I want them.  SO how am I gonna get em?  3 ways: Diet, Cardio, and Stregth training.  Let's be real here; you can't "spot reduce".  If I want my thighs to get smaller, my whole body has to get smaller, and the key to this is diet and cardio.  And we all know that you can't out-run a bad diet, so that really has to get better.  Cardio is key to burn calories, but the strength training is what will tighten up that jiggle...I'm talking squats, lunges, leg lifts galore.  This morning I got in a 5k on my treadmill to hit the cardio side
...and later tonight I'm going to try this move (that the internet tells me will get me legs like Beyonce...we'll see about that!)

Sumo Crab Walk.
Works: Inner thighs and glutes
Need: Room to walk
1. Get into a sumo wrestling stance: your feet wider than shoulder-width apart, toes pointed out, and knees extended over the toes.
2. Keep your back straight, chest out, and abs tight throughout this move.
3. In this almost-sitting position, take a step forward, one foot at a time, and advance as far as you can go in the space you are in; then turn around and walk back to your starting position.
4. Do 20 steps total or until you feel the burn in your legs.

What are you doing to reach your goals this summer? Link up with me and Brandi every Tuesday and share your story too! (You must be a follower of both Babe Before Baby and Thin After Twins to participate!) Be sure to link the actual post, not your whole blog, so we can all get inspired!

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