May 19, 2014

I'm a home fitness addict!

I’ve turned into a home fitness addict!! I can’t stop buying new programs, I love them all, want them all, need them ALL!!!

I told you that I bought PUMP last month, and decided last week I needed more Chalene in my life so I purchased ChaLEAN Extreme too!

I tried my first Chalean workout this morning and I really liked it, but I have to admit, it’s a huge change of pace for this self-proclaimed cardio junkie!
It feels wrong not to be constantly jumping/moving/drenched in sweat, but the more I use weights the more I see changes in my figure, and the scale certainly shows that as well.

This week I’m going to stick to Chalean and running, with a few 21 day fix workouts thrown in since I’ve fallen in love with Autumn too, and maybe I’ll do a PUMP workout this weekend!

The best part about having all these programs is the variety, I don’t feel obligated to stick to one program now, I’m mixing and matching and getting a good range of training in from all these different options, which is perfect for me since I do tend to get sick of things easily (not to mention the fact that changing up your workout keeps your muscles guessing which means progress!!)

The key to all of this though is my nutrition…I’m still following the nutritional component to the 21 day fix, since I know I won’t see any results if my diet isn’t in check!  That’s actually the reason why the 21 day Fix is probably the best program out there…the nutrition is so critical to seeing results, regardless of what fitness program you’re following, and you really can use the fix with anything else you’re doing (hence the idea that you’re creating a healthy LIFESTYLE change, NOT a diet!!)

Someone suggested this morning I do a review of the difference between ChaLEAN and PUMP (thanks Amy!) which I’ll definetly consider doing, but I want to get further into both of the programs before I try to sound like an expert on either of them J
 My mission? To burn off some of this body fat and change my composition, even if I can't get the scale to move!

How was your weekend?

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