May 23, 2014

Lost: Motivation

Truth: My motivation to eat healthy has gone out the window this week.

I’m doing great with my workouts, getting up early and getting them in before work.  But then someone offers me a cookie at work.  Or I go out to celebrate a friend’s graduation.  Or we have a happy hour to celebrate a co-worker’s upcoming wedding.

I’ve said this so many times before, but I know that I can’t out train a bad diet, and I’m already feeling sluggish and gross after just a week’s worth of eating poorly.  I know life happens, and there will be times I’m not 100% on point, but I really need to focus in again so I don’t start going in reverse!

I usually have a saying that I live by: free food is fat food! So if someone brings in food to work, I keep away from it…I don’t usually have any of the daily treats like cookies, cake, or bagels that end up in my office so often, and I need to remind myself of that rule, since it really does make a difference for me! I also find that if I limit my indulgences to the weekends, and that I don’t keep them in the house (IE, I have to go out to get ice cream as opposed to having a half gallon waiting in the freezer), that I am way more successful.

So now we have a 3 day weekend coming up, and I’m hoping that I can be a little more active, a little more diligent about my food choices, and hopefully I can un-do some of this bloat that I’ve put on this week!

I know that motivation is in there somewhere, I just have to dig deep to find it! 
How do you get back your motivation when it takes a vacation?

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