Feb 26, 2013

Tone Em' Up Tuesday Link Up

It's time for Tone Em' Up Tuesdays! I'll be linking up with Brandi every week to talk about what I'm doing to help my Short Shorts Initiative.  Link up with us and share your fitness posts! How are you gettting ready for summer? Do you have a goal outfit you want to wear? Share your stories with us! Copy and paste the code above to add the button to your posts as well.

Lovin those legs yet?  So far, we've got 3 toning exercises for our routine: the Sumo Crab Walk , the Toe Squat with Overhead Reach, and the Split Squat with Elevated Leg
This week, I want to make this into more of a comprehensive workout, so read through to the end!
First, the new move:
The Standing Leg Extension
Traniner Tip: This is a balance move, as well as a strengthening move, so if you feel off at first use a chair to steady yourself.  The more you hold on, the less you work your core, so use those muscles ladies!

Do it
  • Stand with your arms hanging at your sides (I actually like to have my arms up in front of me for this, but to each her own!) Bend your right knee and raise it to hip level, bringing your thigh parallel to the ground.

  • Slowly extend your right leg in front of you in a controlled motion until it is fully extended, with your heel forward and toes flexed back toward your body, leg parallel to the ground (if you're not as flexible, get that leg as close to parallel as possible without bending your knee).

  • Slowly bend your leg back, keeping your balance to return to the start position.  You can tap your foot down here if you need to balance, but keeping your right thigh elevated the whole time will give you a better burn.  Do 12 reps, then switch legs.

We all know muscle toning is not the only part of the equation, that diet and cardio are a critical piece too.  I read the other day that doing 500 jumping jacks every day for 1 week will help you lose 1 pound of fat.  SO, I incorporated jumping jacks into my routine this morning.  Here's how it went:

100 Jumping Jacks
Split Squat with elevated leg (12 each leg)
100 Jumping Jacks
Sumo Crab Walk (20 steps)
100 Jumping Jacks
Toe Squat with Overhead Reach (12)
100 Jumping Jacks
Standing Leg extension (12 each leg)
100 Jumping Jacks

This took me about 15 minutes, and I did it after a 2.5 mile interval run on the treadmill, so it got me good an' sweaty, but it felt awesome!

I think Express heard about my Short Shorts Initiative (and my $5 per day reward for my good diet)...because I got their spring catalog in the mail yesterday with a $40 off my next purchase of $120 or more coupon, and a WHOLE lot of pictures of girls rockin' that look I want oh so badly...

I WILL rock those shorts this summer, I'm determined!
PS.  Don't forget to enter my FlipBelt Giveaway, contest ends at the end of the day on Thursday! (I'm wearing a FlipBelt in that sweaty selfie above ;)

What are you doing to reach your goals this summer? Link up with me and Brandi every Tuesday and share your story too! (You must be a follower of both Babe Before Baby and Thin After Twins to participate!) Be sure to link the actual post, not your whole blog, so we can all get inspired!

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